Rancho El Sobrino

About us

Blue View Sunset Terrace & Apartments belong to the Rancho El Sobrino Resort.

Rancho El Sobrino Resort is a colorful and cozy Resort close to the Blue View Sunset Terrace & Apartments. 


Apartments at Rancho do not have an ocean view but a pool view. The Pool is directly in the middle of the resort and guests who are visiting our Blue View Apartments are also welcome to use our pool without charge. 

The Reception of both, Rancho El Sobrino and Blue View Apartments is at Rancho El Sobrino. We are always happy to help our guests with everything.

There is also a Dive Shop in the back of Rancho El Sobrino, which offers not only diving, also entertainment. Of course, guests from Blue View and non-divers are always welcome.


You can have a look at the map on the left to see how close Rancho El Sobrino is to the Blue View Sunset Terrace & Apartments.


Rancho El Sobrino also has its own Restaurant. It opens a little earlier, at 8 am. If you want to eat breakfast, you can come over and choose from our delicious breakfast menu. At 10 am the menu changes and you can enjoy the real, creole food made freshly in the kitchen. It closes at 10 pm.

Click here if you want to have a look at the menu.


If you want to know more about Rancho el Sobrino you can either send us a message to info@ranchoelsobrino.com or you can visit our website. Just click here.



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